The Importance of Data for Your Business

Although it may seem that the concept of data collection is connected with the Information Age, effective business leaders have been collecting data long before the advent of technology. Business leaders have used that data to help them make decisions about … Read More

gathering data

Introduction to DAQ Software

Software for DAQ systems has advanced rapidly over the past few years. Gone are the days of having to write software from scratch for every sensor in your DAQ system. And whilst some of the skill of writing bespoke DAQ software … Read More

temperature data acquistion

How Do Temperature Data Acquisition Systems Work

Data acquisition systems are, at the most basic level, systems designed to collect data on a particular aspect of a physical process. Though long used in both industrial and scientific contexts, a growing number of hobbyists and semi-professional users are now … Read More

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How Multi Channel DAQ Works

At their most basic level, data acquisition systems are systems that collect and aggregate data on an external physical system. Whilst much thought is often put into the choice and design of sensors for DAQ systems, less goes into the choice … Read More

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What is the Cheapest Data Acquisition Available?

Choosing a data acquisition system (DAQ) can be a real task. In recent years, the explosion of devices on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, means that any DAQ you are considering probably comes with a bewildering array … Read More

why daq cards are dead

The End of DAQ Cards

DAQ cards were once the go-to solution for data acquisition systems. In the days when data acquisition was something of a niche activity, limited to high-end manufacturing and academic applications, often these cards were the only way of collecting and storing … Read More

Nyquist DAQ in action

The Future of Data Acquisition Devices

The DAQifi Nyquist range of data acquisition devices are one of the best examples of a new breed of data acquisition devices. In comparison to DAQ cards, these innovative devices offer a huge range of advantages. In high-end manufacturing and scientific … Read More