Raspberry Pi Data Acquisition (DAQ) - Introduction DAQ and Raspberry Pi No, raspberry pi isn’t a new flavor of the baked pastry dish delicacy that is awesome on your taste buds but bad for the waistline. Here, we are referring to a simple series of miniature, single-boards computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and ideal for data acquisition tasks. The […]
Sustainable High-speed Data Acquisition - Introduction to High-Speed Data Acquisition: What You Should Know The importance of data acquisition (DAQ) systems in laboratory, industrial and practical applications cannot be overstated because they provide the standard mechanism for transferring analog data into a computer for further processing. However, these DAQ systems are anything but monolithic. They range from those that gather […]
biz dev Real-World Data and the Data Acquisition Toolbox - Before diving into the data acquisition toolbox, we first need to understand what data acquisition constitutes, and the place of a toolbox in the framework aimed at handling real-world data. Introduction to Data Acquisition Data has become the most crucial currency of 21st Century civilization. This evidence abounds in the Internet of Things (IoT), the […]
Data acquisition (DAQ) Through Low Cost USB Connectivity - Low-Cost DAQ Devices Data acquisition (DAQ) is a run-of-the-mill concept in most industrial, scientific, and engineering settings where the measurement of environmental factors is fundamental to experiments and processes. Embedded systems juggle the need to manage high-speed analog signals, and therefore similarly employ a DAQ module to save substantial design effort. The purpose of low-cost […]
business-charts-commerce IoT Data is an Untapped Goldmine - The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded over the last several years as the technology for connecting devices, appliances, and homes has grown unlike ever before. All of these devices are producing enormous amounts of data at levels companies appear ill-equipped to handle. Managing the volume of data that comes from connected, smart device is […]
computer servers Machine Learning - Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that takes advantage of advanced statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn from data without being explicitly programmed to do so. It lets a system spot patterns and quickly make decisions with little to no human intervention. How Machine Learning Has Evolved Over Time Machine […]
big data use cases Big Data Use Cases Explained - Big data isn’t just a catchphrase. The reality of using high-end computers to crunch unimaginable volumes of data in pursuit of insights that can mean greater profits has developed to a point where it is hard to fathom an industry that wouldn’t benefit from the process. And if “greater profits” is too general a term, […]
Exploring the Data Acquisition Industry - For such an innocuous term, data acquisition (DAQ) is well on its way to being a billion dollar industry. DAQ is the process by which a company measures sound, temperature, pressure, voltage, current, or other physical and/or electrical phenomena. Though it wasn’t so long ago that these measurements were taken with simple mechanical devices and […]
biz dev How Data Acquisition Enhance Business Development - Though the collection and analysis of data has been with us as long as there have businesses interested in improving and understanding their processes, the Computer Age has seen a definite quickening in the sheer volume of data that can be gathered and processed. So is there really a point to being able to acquire […]
Understanding the Value of Data Acquistion - Those in the data science business realize that taking on important big data projects for business requires a structured process or life-cycle, to use a catchphrase, that includes five major stages. It’s the second, Data Acquisition and Understanding, we’re concerned with at this juncture. Within this stage there are three primary steps, or tasks to […]
The Importance of Data for Your Business - Although it may seem that the concept of data collection is connected with the Information Age, effective business leaders have been collecting data long before the advent of technology. Business leaders have used that data to help them make decisions about their businesses. In the past, data collection was done manually. A business might have […]
DAQ Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System Modules For Industrial Applications - Recent developments in control systems modules and data acquisition devices have led to them becoming cheaper, easier to use, and compatible with a wider range of software than ever before. For this reason, and increasing number of hobbyists are starting to use data acquisition systems, and the number of different systems available is growing rapidly. […]
gathering data Introduction to DAQ Software - Software for DAQ systems has advanced rapidly over the past few years. Gone are the days of having to write software from scratch for every sensor in your DAQ system. And whilst some of the skill of writing bespoke DAQ software might have faded into the past, the data tools available now offer far more […]
Input Device for DAQ – What is the Best Way to Gather Data - Today we will take a look at input devices for Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems. If you are new to DAQ, or are coming to it afresh after some time away, it’s worth reminding yourself of the basic parts of DAQ systems. Essentially, most DAQ systems incorporate three components – the sensors that take a real-world […]
temperature data acquistion How Do Temperature Data Acquisition Systems Work - Data acquisition systems are, at the most basic level, systems designed to collect data on a particular aspect of a physical process. Though long used in both industrial and scientific contexts, a growing number of hobbyists and semi-professional users are now recognizing the advantages of data acquisition. Temperature data acquisition systems may be regarded as […]
image of daq basics background How Field Data Acquisition Works and Where to Buy Them - Field Data Acquisition presents significant challenges for engineers, but in recent years a new generation of DAQ devices have come onto the market that aim to take the hassle out of the process. These devices are typically able to run under their own power for significant periods and in surprisingly difficult environments. They are lightweight […]
image of daq basics in action How Multi Channel DAQ Works - At their most basic level, data acquisition systems are systems that collect and aggregate data on an external physical system. Whilst much thought is often put into the choice and design of sensors for DAQ systems, less goes into the choice of the data loggers these sensors are connected to. One of the major advances […]
image showing the cheapest DAQ options What is the Cheapest Data Acquisition Available? - Choosing a data acquisition system (DAQ) can be a real task. In recent years, the explosion of devices on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, means that any DAQ you are considering probably comes with a bewildering array of extra features. Getting a DAQ need not be expensive, however, if you carefully […]
why daq cards are dead The End of DAQ Cards - DAQ cards were once the go-to solution for data acquisition systems. In the days when data acquisition was something of a niche activity, limited to high-end manufacturing and academic applications, often these cards were the only way of collecting and storing incoming sensor data. If you’ve used DAQ cards, however, you are probably already aware […]
Nyquist DAQ in action The Future of Data Acquisition Devices - The DAQifi Nyquist range of data acquisition devices are one of the best examples of a new breed of data acquisition devices. In comparison to DAQ cards, these innovative devices offer a huge range of advantages. In high-end manufacturing and scientific processes, the ease of bringing together multiple data acquisition processes saves much time previously […]
DIY DAQ systems that work DIY DATA ACQUISITION USING DAQIFI - Data acquisition is a critical part of many scientific, engineering, and academic systems and environments. If you’ve ever worked with systems like this, it is likely that you’ve come across a range of data acquisition systems. It’s also likely that you’ve been frustrated with them. The typical forms of data acquisition system on the market […]
DAQ racecar driver Data Acquisition for Race Cars - Data acquisition, for those unfamiliar with the term, is simply the process of collecting data on some physical process, and passing this data to a computer for analysis. Though most commonly used in industrial processes and scientific applications, there are many reasons why using systems like this can be useful for race cars. First and […]
PCI DATA ACQUISITION image PCI DATA ACQUISITION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING CONTROLLERS - Data Acquisition, in the broadest sense, is a process of collecting information on some real-world, physical system, and using this to analyze the system in question. In most cases, the system being measured is an industrial process or scientific experiment, and nowadays the data collected is almost always passed to some form of computer. In […]
types of DAQ systems Types of Data Acquisition Systems - Data Acquisition Systems, often abbreviated to DAS or DAQ, are systems designed to measure and track some form of physical system, and convert this data into a form that can be viewed and manipulated on a computer. The design an implementation of DAS is a complicated field. The first DAS were designed by IBM back […]
Modern Data Acquisition Software at DAQifi - Developing a Great User Experience via Desktop App Data acquisition (DAQ) systems on the market are cumbersome, hard to use, require a wired connection to a computer, and have antiquated software. Even worse, most DAQ software only allow the user to connect to a single DAQ device. Simply put, current DAQ systems provide a poor […]
Simple User Reset Circuit for Microcontroller - The RST pin of your micro controller is not the most exciting of the bunch, but is one of the most important (and potentially dastardly).  When I dive into a design I’m concerned with the big picture and what grandiose tasks my mighty micro is destined to accomplish… My enthusiastic efforts when beginning a project […]
Bombarded Database = Angry Database - A big challenge in designing DAQifi’s desktop app is the fact that we have to save a large amount of data and we have to do it quickly. Our Nyquist board has up to 20 input channels.  Each channel can be sampled at 1000Hz.  That’s 20,000 individual data samples per second streaming wirelessly from the board…over a […]