DAQiFi Facts

Nyquist is the newest Data Acquisition board from DAQiFi. Nyquist offers flexible communication interfaces: It can connect to both the Desktop App and the Mobile App through WiFi. It can also connect to the Desktop App through a USB connection.

Why the Name Nyquist?

Nyquist was the last name of a highly influential electrical engineer, Harry Nyquist. Mr. Nyquist, made important contributions to communication theory. He is most popular for his contributions to the Nyquist – Shannon Sampling Theorem. Simply put, this theorem states that to recover an analog signal, the sampling rate must be twice the maximum frequency component. In other words, if the maximum frequency component of a signal is 100Hz, one would need to sample the signal at a minimum of 200Hz to successfully to ensure no data loss.

Wireless Data Acquisition

The Nyquist seamlessly connects to either the Desktop App or Mobile App through user’s existing wireless network. It uses 802.11n wireless technology for high speeds, reliability, and wireless range. Nyquist is compatible with both WEP and WPA wireless security protocols.

Nyquist is even capable of producing it’s own WiFi network. This is especially useful in the field where no WiFi network exists. Nyquist opens up a world of possibilities with its flexibility.

USB Data Acquisition

Don’t want to use WiFi? No problem! The Nyquist can connect directly to the Desktop App through a USB connection.

Rechargeable Battery

With an equipped 4000mAh Li-Ion battery, there is no need to be tied down to an AC outlet. This is great when taking Nyquist out in the field and power isn’t available. No need to worry about power failures ruining your data acquisition session. The battery can last for up to 12 hours of full speed processing.

Sample Rate & Resolution

Version General I/O SPI/CAN/I2C/RS-232 Analog In Analog Out1
Nq1 16 bidirectional Yes 16x 12-bit 0-5V (4 Differential Optional) Not Supported
Nq2 16 bidirectional Yes 16x 24-bit 0-5V 8 12-bit 0-10V Channels
Nq3 16 bidirectional Yes 8x 18-bit ±10V Fully Differential 8 12-bit 0-10V Channels

The Nyquist line can sample analog channels at 10kS/s. This is total throughput rate, meaning one channel can sample at 10kS/s or 5 channels can sample at 2kS/s.