IoT Data is an Untapped Goldmine

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded over the last several years as the technology for connecting devices, appliances, and homes has grown unlike ever before. All of these devices are producing enormous amounts of data at levels companies appear ill-equipped … Read More

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that takes advantage of advanced statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn from data without being explicitly programmed to do so. It lets a system spot patterns and quickly make decisions … Read More

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Big Data Use Cases Explained

Big data isn’t just a catchphrase. The reality of using high-end computers to crunch unimaginable volumes of data in pursuit of insights that can mean greater profits has developed to a point where it is hard to fathom an industry that … Read More

Exploring the Data Acquisition Industry

For such an innocuous term, data acquisition (DAQ) is well on its way to being a billion dollar industry. DAQ is the process by which a company measures sound, temperature, pressure, voltage, current, or other physical and/or electrical phenomena. Though it … Read More

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How Data Acquisition Enhance Business Development

Though the collection and analysis of data has been with us as long as there have businesses interested in improving and understanding their processes, the Computer Age has seen a definite quickening in the sheer volume of data that can be … Read More

Understanding the Value of Data Acquistion

Those in the data science business realize that taking on important big data projects for business requires a structured process or life-cycle, to use a catchphrase, that includes five major stages. It’s the second, Data Acquisition and Understanding, we’re concerned with … Read More

The Importance of Data for Your Business

Although it may seem that the concept of data collection is connected with the Information Age, effective business leaders have been collecting data long before the advent of technology. Business leaders have used that data to help them make decisions about … Read More

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Introduction to DAQ Software

Software for DAQ systems has advanced rapidly over the past few years. Gone are the days of having to write software from scratch for every sensor in your DAQ system. And whilst some of the skill of writing bespoke DAQ software … Read More

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The End of DAQ Cards

DAQ cards were once the go-to solution for data acquisition systems. In the days when data acquisition was something of a niche activity, limited to high-end manufacturing and academic applications, often these cards were the only way of collecting and storing … Read More