Raspberry Pi Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Introduction DAQ and Raspberry Pi No, raspberry pi isn’t a new flavor of the baked pastry dish delicacy that is awesome on your taste buds but bad for the waistline. Here, we are referring to a simple series of miniature, single-boards … Read More

Sustainable High-speed Data Acquisition

Introduction to High-Speed Data Acquisition: What You Should Know The importance of data acquisition (DAQ) systems in laboratory, industrial and practical applications cannot be overstated because they provide the standard mechanism for transferring analog data into a computer for further processing. … Read More

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Real-World Data and the Data Acquisition Toolbox

Before diving into the data acquisition toolbox, we first need to understand what data acquisition constitutes, and the place of a toolbox in the framework aimed at handling real-world data. Introduction to Data Acquisition Data has become the most crucial currency … Read More

Data acquisition (DAQ) Through Low Cost USB Connectivity

Low-Cost DAQ Devices Data acquisition (DAQ) is a run-of-the-mill concept in most industrial, scientific, and engineering settings where the measurement of environmental factors is fundamental to experiments and processes. Embedded systems juggle the need to manage high-speed analog signals, and therefore … Read More