DIY DAQ systems that work

Data acquisition is a critical part of many scientific, engineering, and academic systems and environments. If you’ve ever worked with systems like this, it is likely that you’ve come across a range of data acquisition systems.

It’s also likely that you’ve been frustrated with them. The typical forms of data acquisition system on the market today are expensive, awkward to use, and often require extensive knowledge of proprietary programming languages.

As a result, many processes that could benefit from data acquisition lack it, and many data acquisition systems in use are sub-optimal. Users can waste many hours configuring and troubleshooting data acquistion systems, leading to significant efficiency losses.

A New Breed of Data Acquisition Systems

In recent years, a range of novel approaches to data acquisition have been proposed. One of these is the DAQifi range of products. In contrast to the complex, embedded systems of the past, these new systems are built around modular, portable devices with in-built wireless connectivity.

These devices are stand-alone modules that plug easily into the system you wish to collect data on, and then stream this data over WiFi.

This brings huge advantages in many situations. Often, it is simply not practical to have a dedicated PC sitting next to your equipment. This is the case for many industrial processes that generate hostile environments for computers, and also in situations where the system being studied is inherently mobile, for instance in race cars.

Using DAQifi Devices for Data Acquisition

DAQifi devices can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are flexible and powerful enough to replace the complex data acquisition systems currently in use in industry and academia. I addition, the intuitive user interface and easy set up mean that even hobbyists can implement data acquisition into their DIY projects.

The modular devices plug straight into your sensors, and can be used to collect a vast array of different types of data – almost every variable there is a sensor for can be measured. The device then collects and stores this data, before sending it over WiFi. An existing WiFi network may be used, or the device can generate its own.

The dedicated software that is bundled with the devices can be used with PCs, tablets, or smart phones, giving the devices a great deal of flexibility. The user interface, in distinct constrast to many other data acquisition systems, is also easy to use.

Using this software, all the data being collected can be brought together into one place. This brings advantages not only in terms of the time saved in aggregating data, but also in allowing users to make an intuitive link between the various variables being measured.

DIY Data Acquisition

As a result of these innovative devices, collecting data on DIY projects is easier than ever. Whilst data acqusition systems used to be the exclusive purview of high-end manufacturing and academic research, it is now possible for hobbyists to implement data acqusition even on small systems.

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